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Finish Line Wax Lubricant
Finish Line Wax Lubricant

Finish Line Wax Lubricant

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  • Finish Line's Wax Lube goes on wet, but sets up with a hard, dry, super-slick wax film.
  • Wax Lube contains no oily or greasy ingredients to attract or absorb dirt.
  • The addition of molybdenum in Finish Line's wax film enhances lubricity and increases lubrication intervals.
  • Your drivetrain will remain nearly contaminant free and clean to the touch.
  • Cleaning before relubing is usually not required, however Wax Lube needs to be applied more frequently than Dry or Wet.
  • Perfect for cyclist who value cleanliness over all else.
  • Great for off road rides in dry, dusty conditions, and on road rides in dry conditions, up to 50 miles.
  • Volume: 2oz