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At Bike Stop, we service all brands of bicycles. It doesn't matter whether you’ve bought the bike from us. Here are some of the services we provide:

Got a puncture and don’t know how to change the inner tube? 
We are stocked with a wide range of tubes from 12 to 29-inch and 650 to 700c tubes.
 Gears not shifting smoothly? 
We can check and tune your gears to work smoothly again.
Had a crash and need to know if your bicycle is still road worthy? 
We will do a strip down of the crucial parts to check for cracks and tune your brakes and gears to perform smoothly again.
Going somewhere and need to pack your bike in a box? 
We provide bicycle packing service using re-cycled carton boxes.
Bought a bike elsewhere and need help to put it together? 
We can help with the assembly.
Want to upgrade your ride? 
Talk to us on your goals and we will recommend a suitable upgrade of your components.

We also provide Complete Bike Service Packages. Here are the 3 levels of Service Package we have:

*Additional charges shall apply for bikes requiring extra cleaning effort